These Earplugs Provide 22db of Reduction Without Muffling Sound

These Earplugs Provide 22db of Reduction Without Muffling Sound

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Hearing loss is far more common than you may think. Long attributed to the natural effects of aging or perhaps a life’s career spent playing loud music or working in construction, hearing loss can and does affect anyone who exposes themselves to loud noises for even brief periods of time.

In fact, it’s not even a matter of time that you’ll suffer from hearing loss if you expose yourself to loud noises and environments—these noises take an immediate toll on your hearing and can cause everything from temporary ringing to long-term deafness.

This reality constitutes a problem for anyone who likes great live music, or someone who needs to reduce the overall decibel level of their environment without necessarily sacrificing sonic quality or details in the audio.

Wearing giant, over-ear headphones at a concert is undeniably uncool, but so is going deaf at a young age.

Vibes has crafted these Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs in order to remedy this age-old conundrum since they let you protect your hearing in virtually any environment without muffling the sound or distorting the sonics.

And right now you can land these ear-saving earplugs (with an attachable cord) for 25% off their usual price at just $19.99.

Ideal for frequent concert-goers, performers, construction workers, sports fanatics, or anyone else who values their hearing and finds themselves frequently in loud environments, these hi-fi earplugs provide exceptional ear protection while maintaining the more detailed elements of the incoming sound.

These plugs provide roughly 22bB of reduction evenly across all frequencies, and you’ll be able to choose from the three included interchangeable ear tips (small, medium, or large) in order to ensure the perfect fit.

Unlike over-ear protection or even smaller earplugs that protrude from the ear, these plugs are incredibly compact and discreet—meaning you won’t have to worry about losing your cool factor whenever you use them at a concert or other live event.

It's also incredibly easy to put them in and take them out, so you won't have to been seen struggling with unsightly and oversized earplugs when you're out and about.

They feature specially-designed sound tubes that balance sound waves, and you’ll be able to use the included attachable cord that clips to each earplug in order to ensure that they stay secured around your neck at all times.

They’re also supremely comfortable, so you’ll be able to keep them in place for extended periods of time without having to worry about ear fatigue.

Preserve your hearing without muffling the incoming sound with these Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs + Attachable Cord. Usually priced at $26.99, these plugs are available for just $19.99 for a limited time—25% off MSRP.

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