One Person Attempts a Naruto Run to Storm Area 51

One Person Attempts a Naruto Run to Storm Area 51

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When the original Facebook post came out urging people to storm Area 51, they called on alien enthusiasts to do a Naruto run to get in.

Named after Naruto Uzumaki, the popular Japanese anime character, the idea is to throw your arms behind your back and run face first in this case into Area 51. Sound as ridiculous as seriously storming the secretive and heavily fortified government facility?


One person does a Naruto run to storm Area 51

Well, one person took it at face value and was caught on camera doing a Naruto run in the background of a report on the Area 51 event.

The report comes from ABC affiliate KTNV, which was posted on YouTube. It was taken in Rachel, Nevada, one of the areas that people were gathering in to break into the government facility or just watch others attempt to do so. It's now being called Alienstock as alien seekers descend the tiny town to celebrate ahead of the weekend event.

Facebook joke took on a life of its own

The original Facebook post was made as a joke but it took on a life of its own as millions of people expressed interest in going to the event, which runs from 20 Sept. through 23 Sept. At last check, there were nearly 3,000 that said they were going and more than 5,000 interested in attending. The original event was removed by Facebook in August after more than 2 million people said they were attending.

According to media reports, on Friday 20 September, several dozen people showed up at the entrance of Area 51 but didn't try to get into the facility, which is supposed to be home to aliens and UFO remnants. The group appears to be more interested in partying than actually storming Area 51. Sergeant Orlando Guerra of the Nevada Department of Public Safety Investigation Division told Reuters: “They’re just here to see what’s going on. They’re here to have fun.”

The U.S. Military has already warned the public to not trespass on its facility which it claims is used for aircraft testing and to train staff. Tell that to the true believers and alien hunters who for years have believed the government is housing a flying saucer that crashed as well as the bodies of the alien crew. That rumor dates all the way back to 1947 when a UFO had purportedly crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.

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