Newly Leaked Motorola Razr Images Whetting Appetites for Its November Release

Newly Leaked Motorola Razr Images Whetting Appetites for Its November Release

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It's not the first time that photos of Motorola's imminent smartphone, Razr, are leaked. However, as the phone is due to be on the market in two weeks, on 13 November, voyeurs are licking their lips in anticipation.

What's intriguing about Razr is that it's the next-generation flip-phone. Samsung came first with its Galaxy Fold, and now Motorola is readying themselves to wow the crowds with their vertical book-folding look.


The Razr

Smartphone sizes have been a point of contention for many people, as new designs unfold seemingly every year.

Screen size and brightness appear to be integral, and with that come complications for mobile phone designers and creators to offer incredible quality, but nothing too big, thanks.

So, with its foldable design, Motorola's Razr is getting people riled up with excitement.

Folding the opposite way to the Galaxy phone, Razr is a clamshell design that folds in half.

The device will boast a 6.2 inch inner folding OLED display, and a 600 x 800 outer display.

In terms of the inside workings of the phone, earlier leaks stated it may be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 and have 4GB or 6GB of RAM.

The 2004 Motorola Razr model is seeing a glitzy and exciting update with this year's model. The recently leaked images of the nostalgia-ridden phone were provided by a Twitter user called Evan Blass (evleaks on Twitter), as well as Mobielkopen.

One of the many differences between the old and new Razr models is that the new version loses the original keypad, unfolding into a true touch-screen smartphone instead, worthy of any 2019 model.

With its new design, Motorola has seemingly urged competitors to rethink their designs. Samsung recently shared a similar clamshell-folding smartphone design of their own, clearly feeling the pressure to stay up-to-date with Motorola.

Samsung hasn't shared any details of its launch date, whereas rumors are that Motorola's new Razr will be ready for sale as early as 13 November this year!

It'll come at a price, though, as rumors say that the cost could be as high as $1,500.

Watch the video: Moto RAZR 2 Impressions: Nostalgia Reloaded? (July 2022).


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